Category: Empower

  • Jesus with Grandma

    Jesus with Grandma

    Who said you were too old to make disciples!? A great example of how this mandate is for everyone is from a grandma in her 70’s who has a group that meets in her home, and it all started with a simple Facebook post! She asked us for training, and we were able to walk…

  • Jesus Changes Homelessness

    Jesus Changes Homelessness

    One woman who had connected with our group had lived a life of homelessness and disability benefits. After connecting with Jesus and his community she started to see how Jesus could change her life. Through encouragement and the support of a Christian community she started pursuing Jesus, seeing her life changed, and moving toward stability in her…

  • Conduit to Jesus

    Conduit to Jesus

    One of The Bread’s major core values is to be a guide to help someone encounter the person of Jesus and let them get direct revelation from Him instead of always having to depend on someone else. One of the ways we do that is by reading stories from the Bible and facilitating simple questions…