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  • Jesus Stops Gas Station Robbery

    Jesus Stops Gas Station Robbery

    One of the men in our network was at a gas station and overheard someone saying they were about to rob the place. He quickly approached the man and started to share Jesus with him!  After some discussion, the man decided not to follow through with his plan. The two then started a friendship and…

  • Jesus Works out at the Gym

    Jesus Works out at the Gym

    We have a guy in his mid-20’s who was really desirous about making disciples, and he was an avid gym-goer, so he decided to be intentional about meeting new people when he went to work out. One of the guys he met was very interested in getting to know Jesus better, so they started to…

  • Jesus goes skating

    Jesus goes skating

    One of our women who was a mother of 4 kids struggled with opportunities to make disciples.  She started taking her kids to the local skate center on a weekly basis building relationships with others she met.  During this time she met another mother of 3 going through a tough time in her marriage.  As…