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  • Jesus Goes to Walmart

    Jesus Goes to Walmart

    Big grocery stores are great places to meet people and be generous with others. They are also great places to demonstrate how to converse with people in a Spiritual way and make new connections. One local group decided to go to Walmart to buy people’s groceries, share Jesus, and pray with people. This group was…

  • Jesus on a college campus

    Jesus on a college campus

    On a local college campus one of our network people was reaching out to college students.  He had a few young folks who wanted to join in but were unsure how.  He told them to start with prayer.  He made a free prayer sign and took these folks out.  As they offered free prayer to…

  • Giving Like Jesus Gives

    Giving Like Jesus Gives

    One young man was just starting to know Jesus through a weekly Discovery Bible Study with one of our network people. The young man had wanted to hang out with his mentor who needed to go pick up some new chairs for his home from someone he found on Marketplace. After looking at the chairs…