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The stories that define and drive our story
three logos of empower, model and engage

We are guided by three things: Engage, Model and Empower.

These ideas guide us in our daily lives and through them we have gathered stories and been a part of the stories of others. We collect these stories as a way to share hope and guidance in everyday lives where are some of the most impactful.

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How do we engage

Jesus didn’t wait for people to show up on His doorstep hungry to know God- He went after them.

We follow Jesus’ example of meeting people where they are and building a meaningful relationship.

This happens in areas where we all frequent, but with an intentionality in engaging with people in a meaningful and spiritual way. Some of the places where our network has engaged the lost are businesses, skating rinks, festivals, bars, gyms, and gas stations!

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How do we Model

Our culture is soaked in teachings and training and seminars galore, but how did Jesus teach His disciples to obey Him?

He modeled for them what a life connected to the Father really looked like! His disciples were front and center with Him for 3 years watching Him model for them how to heal the sick, raise the dead, speak in tough situations, lay down His life, and pour out the wisdom of God.

They were deeply involved in His personal and spiritual life, and they were together all the time! Instead of just teaching or preaching to people what they need to do, we have a deep conviction to SHOW people how to follow Jesus in every area of our life (family, workplace, friendships, speaking, etc.)

This also means that we get really close and personal with each other!

How do we eMPOWER

While showing someone how to live like Jesus is very important, the next step is to empower them to do so for themselves!

We step into the journey and pursuit of God together with people and help remove barriers and obstacles in their pursuit.

We make our wisdom and resources available to them to be their guide and support system.