Money on a table with prayer beads

Giving Like Jesus Gives

One young man was just starting to know Jesus through a weekly Discovery Bible Study with one of our network people.

The young man had wanted to hang out with his mentor who needed to go pick up some new chairs for his home from someone he found on Marketplace. After looking at the chairs and having already negotiated a better than listed price, the mentor heard the Holy Spirit say, “This seller needs this money to survive right now and you are my provision. Take care of them for me and I will take care of you.” The mentor renegotiated the price and paid full asking price.

The young man at first saw this as really bad negotiation but later in conversation was able to learn that people are more important than money and Jesus was using us to take care of them. He will take care of us. Thought this defied the cultural upbringing of the young man he was amazed that Jesus could be this way towards others.






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